Gottman Couples Therapy

The Gottman Method is a research-based approach to couples therapy. Dr John Gottman’s approach is based on his analysis of over 4000 couples. His methods are based on rebuilding and enhancing the core relationship of committed couples. We are excited to bring his successful techniques to you. We are enthusiastic supporters and pleased to be trained and certified in this method. Of importance to you is the fact that the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy is more than twice as effective as traditional marriage therapy.


The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy uses therapeutic interventions to help couples rebuild and strengthen their relationship. We concentrate on three areas: friendship, conflict management and creation of shared feelings. These three core elements are essential in building successful relationships. We help you replace negative conflict patterns with positive interactions while learning to “repair” miscommunication and negative conflict communication.

As coaches, we focus on interventions designed to increase closeness and intimacy, improve friendship, deepen emotional connections and create changes that enhance the couples shared goals.

Dr. John Gottman used his research-based evidence to develop a successful program for couple’s therapy. His program begins with the premise that most marital conflicts fall into two categories: either they can be resolved, or they are perpetual (meaning they will be a part of your relationship forever, in one form or another). Dr Gottman has proven that 69% of marital conflicts are perpetual problems and these are of particular focus in our therapy. These are issues that can be successfully managed.

As mentioned, the Gottman program is research based and is proven to be more than twice as effective than traditional marriage therapy. We are enthusiastic to offer this valuable and successful method to improve or enhance your partnership. We offer private, group or marathon sessions.

Couples Therapy (90 mins)

$175.00 per session

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Change Your Relationship Without Changing Your Partner

Our main goal is to strengthen and repair committed couples relationships. We are pleased to provide the Art and Science of Love, a workshop for couples based on the Gottman Method Couples Therapy. All of the services we provide are based on the scientific findings of John Gottman, Ph. D. He has studied over 3,000 couples over the past four decades and discovered what makes couples successful, stable and happy.

We are certified Life Coaches who have had extensive training in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and Workshops.

Our Couples Workshops offer a quick “Tune –Up” for committed relationships. You will learn research-based skills that will dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you manage conflict in a healthy, positive way. This workshop is designed for all couples in a committed relationship. If you have a strong relationship, this workshop will provide you with insights and tools to foster further closeness, friendship, and trust. If your relationship is stressed, this workshop will provide you with a greater understanding of your relationship and a road map for repair.

Workshop topics include:

  • Learn to recognize the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and what to do if they are attacking your marriage.
  • Identify your relationship’s specific strengths and how to build on them.
  • Learn about the effects of physiological flooding and how it may affect conflict resolution.
  • Use the Fondness and Admiration System to renew respect and care for one another.
  • Create an Emotional Bank Account that you can draw upon in times of stress.
  • Develop your problem-solving skills, including the 6 skills for effective conflict resolutions.
  • Find out how you can make your dreams and aspirations come true for you, your partner, and your relationship.


  • Encourage respect, affection & closeness.
  • Build & share a deeper connection with each other.
  • Learn to keep conflict discussions calm & more productive.
  • Break through perpetual conflicts.
  • Strengthen & maintain the gains in your relationship.


4-hour workshop

2 day workshop

$150.00/ couple


Workshops are held in Marin & Napa California, Chicago Illinois and Oakland County Michigan

If you have a group of 6 or more participants we will travel to your area for a mutually convenient date and location. Please email or call us to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions: