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Over the past 30 years that I have known Wendy, she has been a guiding influence in various stages of our family’s life. As our teenage children grew into adults, the wisdom and thoughts she shared with me have been beneficial in helping with our three daughter’s choice of college, careers and partners in life. Additionally, there have been medical life threatening challenges for my husband that without Wendy’s knowledge and contacts he may not be with us today. We also have been fortunate to recommend Wendy to others that have benefited from her counsel and guidance.

We owe an undeniable gratitude to Wendy for the incredible thoughts and friendship that has developed over the years. With her counsel I’m sure our family is in a more stable and serene place in life as we wander through the many challenges life presents us at every turn. Knowing Wendy is always there for us gives us the peace and knowledge we can face them and go forward. We can never tell her enough how we appreciate her at so many levels. Wendy is our friend for life.

AG San Francisco CA

Life is filled with transitions and I needed a life coach to help me move through retirement and find a new path. My professional career spanned over 30 years and I was leaning toward retirement when my husband died suddenly. I was unexpectedly without a partner or a job. Suddenly I was thrust into a completely new situation and I was filled with anxiety and trepidation. I needed help. I considered seeing a traditional therapist but decided to try a Life Coach instead. I was very grateful to have Wendy Fields available to help me formulate a new life plan. Wendy is a catalyst for change. She helps uncover the truths you sometimes want to avoid while helping to formulate an action plan to move forward. There are no barriers with Wendy- she encourages you to dig deep and determine what issues are holding you back. This was essential and allowed me to move forward with definite plans for success. Wendy’s support is always there, sometimes in subtle ways and other times it’s like a big warm hug- celebrating your effort and progress. We all need a Wendy in our corner.

Dara Ann Arbor, MI

Both Berna Ravitz and Wendy Fields are born natural coaches. It is a calling for them, not a job. 

I cannot say there was this one particular day where I was struggling with a problem and I said to myself: ENOUGH! Today I am going to commit to transformation. Then I booked a session with Berna Ravitz. What I can say is that there were many moments that led up to the decision, like OK, what shall I do now? What is my next move? How do I level up and make the next move? What does it look like, feel like? Who do I talk to?

As a women, wife, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, being a fixer and a sole proprietor business owner it can be hard and lonely when it comes time to make decisions. I was in a muddled place, trying to figure out the right direction in which to go with a lot of big and small ideas about moving forward. I was feeling unsure and a little overwhelmed. OK, a lot overwhelmed! With Berna’s gentle but firm guidance. I learned that I was my own worst enemy. Berna supported me in my effort to “get out of my own way!” Friends and family are often around to listen and solve your problems; people love to give advice. Berna’s approach to “advice” is her incisive questions which set you on a course for setting the goals that are right for you and supports you on the path to actually fulfilling your own dreams. Berna was available 24/7 in times of crisis.

I have had some pivotal moments in both my business and personal life and owe a debt of gratitude to Berna Ravitz and her partner Wendy Fields for being there when Berna was not available. A few reasons why should you do ‘the work’ with them: Coaches (Berna and Wendy)

  • Give you clear advice/ guidance while listening and reading between the lines
  • Offer a safe and comfortable ‘place” during your chats
  • They support you in realizing your goals and dreams and help you along the path
  • They are truly creative problem solvers always offering alternatives not even on your radar screen
  • They not only think outside the box, they create the box

I can, without a doubt, recommend Berna and Wendy. Commit to it, do the work and I can attest that this is something you will not regret.

A. C, Jacksonville FL