Breakthru Parent Coaching is unique because I operate from a philosophy that leads to raising kids to be happy and successful adults. The concept of Intentional Parenting encourages parents to determine what characteristics they wish to develop in their children and together, we create an amazingly simple blueprint for getting there.   There is no other job that requires the amount of time, money or effort than raising kids; the long-term stakes are high. Yet, most parents ‘shoot from the hip’, without a coherent plan. Studies show that successful adults and effective leaders demonstrate common characteristics such as empathy and emotional intelligence.

My years as a teacher, principal, parent and grandparent, my training in relationships and coaching have ‘anointed me with ‘eons’ of experience to share! I am passionate about Intentional Parenting and using natural consequences vs punishment. I despise shaming kids, punishing them…it promotes hate and bullying. So, join me in helping you, parents, go from GOOD to GREAT!

Sponsor a Parenting Party (Grandparenting or Caregiver)

What does it look like?
  • Parents gather at someone’s home – can be virtual!
  • Host pays half price
  • Host invites 5-8 couples, or 16 people (depending on size of space)
  • Duration is 6 hours broken up into two sessions a week apart
  • Email or phone calling for implementation support included between sessions
  • An additional 30 minutes of support for one month following the final session
  • Individual packages available for further support at a discounted rate

Cost:  $500 per couple

            $250 individual

             Fees may be adjusted in individual cases

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